Local Government Pay 2017/18 Online Ballot – Vote To Reject Now

17th March to 7th April 2017

1. A Secure ballot page will be on UNISON UK sitewww.UNISON.org.uk/lgscot17 – We are recommending you vote to REJECT the employers offer. However it is vital that you vote.

2. You will be asked for your UNISON membership number or NI number and surname and DOB. If you have a problem you will be asked further questions which help to identify you. e.g. postcode.

3. SMS messages will be sent. And a link to the online ballot website will be in the text www.unison.org.uk/lgscot17 You will be able to just click and vote on your mobile phones.

4. You can click on the banner on the home page ofwww.UNISON-scotland.org which takes you to a link.

5. You can add yourself to the process as we go along. The database will be up dated ‘live’. So you will be included in any further messages. e.g. if someone adds their email to the database during 1 week of the ballot – they will then get the messages from us in week 2 and 3. Therefore if someone did not – or knows someone who did not – get an email. They should be encouraged to get online and register.

6. If you have problems contact UNISON Direct who have been briefed on the ballot.

https://www.unison.org.uk/get-help/services-support/unison-direct/ 0800 0857 857