Council Candidates respond to No Compulsory Redundancies Pledge

Our branch wrote to all candidates standing in the 2017 Local Government elections asking them to sign up to UNISON’s No Compulsory Redundancy Pledge.

We offered candidates the opportunity to commit to this pledge for the next budget process in 2018.

Below is a summary of the reponses received:

• Four Independent candidates responded to say the would sign up to the No Compulsory Redundancy Pledge.

They were: Jim Boyland (Ward 1), Drew McKenzie (Ward 2), Gary Purdon (Ward 6) and John Cooke (Ward 7).

• Scottish National Party candidates responded collectively and referred to page 16 of their manifesto which states that they “Pledge that there will be no compulsory redundancies”.

Their candidates standing are: Christopher Curley (Ward 1), Jim McLeod & Donna Pickett (Ward 2), Jim McEleny & Jayne Peberdy (Ward 3), Philomena Donnachie & Elizabeth Robertson (Ward 4), Christopher William McEleny (Ward 5), Innes Nelson & Alan Nicholson (Ward 6) and John Crowther & Agnes McAuley (Ward 7).

• Scottish Labour Party candidates responded collectively and referred to page 17 of their manifesto which states: “We will continue to do everything in our power to retain our no compulsory redundancies agreements…”.

Their candidates standing are: Stephen McCabe (Ward 1), Robert Moran (Ward 2), Colin Jackson & Michael McCormick (Ward 3), Martin Brennan & Jim Clocherty (Ward 4), Alan Holliday (Ward 5), Gerry Dorrian (Ward 6) and Natasha Murphy (Ward 7).

• No other Independent candidates or candidates from other Political groups responded.

UNISON Inverclyde views compulsory redundancies as unnecessary and avoidable even in this very difficult and challenging financial climate. We thank all the above candidates for their positive responses.