Inverclyde Council Budget 2018/20 Soft Trawl

30th May 2017

To all UNISON members – Inverclyde Council


BUDGET 2018/20 – Soft Trawl

The Council will shortly be undertaking a trawl of employees as part of the 2018/20 Budget cuts process. Around 600 members will receive a letter asking for expressions of interest in voluntary severance/early retirement. The trawl is being targeted at service areas where cuts may be taken, however it is important to stress that no decisions on budget cuts have been taken by the Council. The reason this exercise is being described as a soft trawl is because it is designed to inform the cuts process before decisions are taken.

UNISON is opposed to all forms of public sector cuts including jobs being released through voluntary severance. However the branch accepts that for practical reasons only, a trawl of this nature may be a helpful tool in the avoidance of compulsory redundancies. The branch would certainly be opposing this trawl were it not for the fact that there is a risk of compulsory redundancies during the next budget process.

Stewards and Branch Officers will be contacting members who are likely to be included in the trawl. However as the trawl is due to start on the 5th June then we anticipate that it may not be possible to reach all affected members before then. If members who receive trawl letters are in any way concerned then they should contact myself or another UNISON steward for advice. All Inverclyde Council stewards details are on the Branch website

Robin Taggart
Branch Secretary