Council Budget – Important Update for Members


Members whose jobs may be affected by budget cuts will be called to meetings with local managers before the end of this week. A report which will go to the full Council on the 28th September will list savings options which will go out for public consultation along with other savings options to be considered by service committees. The public consultation exercise is not expected to take place until January 2018.

The Council plan to hold staff meetings in advance of the Council papers going into the public domain. No decisions have been taken as to what cuts the Council may make to close the 2018/20 budget gap. UNISON will continue to argue against cuts to jobs and services with a particular, although not exclusive, focus on no compulsory redundancies.

Members in affected areas where there is no steward can contact the branch office for further advice. However the branch intends to meet affected members over the coming weeks.

Robin Taggart
Branch Secretary
Unison (Inverclyde Branch)
Old Library
30 Bawhirley Road,
PA15 2BH