Revised Local Government Pay Offer Ballot Result


The outcome of the consultative ballot on the revised pay offer is that 91% of members voted to accept the offer. Not only was the turnout nationally higher than in any previous consultative ballot but Inverclyde branch’s turnout was again one of the highest in Scotland. So whatever your view is on the outcome that at least is a positive signal.

In terms of implementation, I’m afraid to say that we are not dealing with a straightforward position. Unite members voted to reject the offer and the GMB are currenly balloting their members and their ballot doesn’t close until the 28th February. This means that we probably won’t be able to get any clear way forward on implementation until early March at the earliest.

I will however keep you updated and please get in touch if you have any questions or issues following this result.

Robin Taggart
Branch Secretary
Unison (Inverclyde Branch)
Old Library
30 Bawhirley Road,
PA15 2BH