Unison Inverclyde says No to CLD Cuts

CLD Cuts

• Community Work has been hit disproportionately during the past few years of cuts. If the service loses more staff, then it calls into question whether new pieces of work, such as the growing participatory budget process, can be delivered effectively. Vulnerable groups will no longer be given support and many communities will suffer due to a loss of activities in their areas.

• Youthwork is being dealt a double blow through the proposed savings. The proposal to close the Gourock I:Youth Zones will result in more people leaving than the 2.59 FTE being suggested under the CLD cut as those on 23 month contracts will not get these renewed and all staff including part time staff will need to re-apply for their posts.

• Both the Adult Learning and Adult Literacies teams provide essential learning opportunities within the communities of Inverclyde, often supporting individuals who are the most vulnerable and hard to reach members of the community. Any reduction in staff would hinder the current programme of delivery resulting in fewer learners being able to access the support they require.

• Loss of a senior CLD worker will result in the four strands of CLD losing their identity and the lines between them will become blurred.

• During 2017/18 adult literacies engaged with over 600 learners seeking to improve their reading, writing or number skills. 71 learners supported via ESOL. 13 Weekly learning sessions were delivered across Inverclyde. 71 learners gained SQA accreditation for the first time .Customised programmes were developed to support key partners such as HMP Greenock, Enable Scotland and Trust Employability

• During 2017/18 adult learning had 150 learners attending work clubs to improve their employability skills. 56 learners engaged via positive goals project. 112 learners participated in digital skills programmes. 125 learners gained SQA accreditation. 391 learners attended Eat Better Feel Better sessions. 141 learners participated in Health and Wellbeing courses.