International Workers Memorial Day – 28th April 2019

28th April 2019 is International Workers’ Memorial Day where we remember those who have died as a result of accidents, injuries or illnesses caused by work.

And it is the day we promise to fight for the living and make workplaces safer and healthier, because 50,000 deaths a year as a result of work is too many.

Every year around 50,000 people die as a result of work-related incidents and ill health.

Each one of those deaths leaves families and friends devastated and our thoughts are with all of them on this day.
On top of this many more people suffer life changing injuries that sometimes lead to permanent disability, a career cut short and lives blighted forever.

UNISON takes health and safety seriously and the memory of those killed or injured at work spurs us on to greater efforts to make all our workplaces safer.

We do that through our network of trained safety reps, people like you, who are out there every day in workplaces across the country helping keep us all safe.

They do a great job , all the evidence shows that workplaces with active trade union safety reps are twice as safe for staff as those without reps.

So, what better way is there to honour the dead by helping us prevent deaths and injuries at work by becoming a UNISON safety rep.

All our safety reps get comprehensive training and support from the union and advice and guidance on a whole range of health and safety issues is available at

UNISON is the UK’s largest trade union and has thousands of safety reps working hard to make lives safer by:

• cutting stress by reducing workloads and tackling bullying
• tackling work related aches, pains and strains
• identifying potentially lethal poisonous fumes and gases
• making sure asbestos and other dangerous substances are removed or managed
• tackling extreme heat or cold in the workplace.

If you want to raise an issue about health and safety in your workplace please contact the Branch Health & Safety officer, George Steele at the Branch Office, 01475 715900.

A service is being held on Friday 26th April at 12noon, in Clyde Square, Greenock to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day.

Inverclyde Council will be hosting the service on behalf of Greenock and District Trade Union and the Reverend Owen Derrick, minister of Lyle Kirk will conduct the service.

Inverclyde’s Provost, Councillor Martin Brennan and trade union representatives including George Steele will lay wreaths.