Local Government Pay Award – Advice for Members in receipt of Universal Credit

Following the Local Government pay settlement you may receive backdated pay on top of your normal pay on 1st May 2019.

How does this affect you?

Important: If your take-home home pay changes, then the amount of Universal Credit you receive will also change. Universal Credit is calculated on your personal circumstances. Since you may receive extra pay on 1st May 2019, your next Universal Credit payment may either be less than you normally receive or your income may be too high to qualify for a payment.

In the situation where you earn too much to qualify in one specific month, your Universal Credit claim will close. If your claim closes, you will see a message on your Universal Credit Journal telling you about this. Help is available if this happens to you.

What happens next?

Your Universal Credit payments will not start again automatically. You must start up your claim again. You should do this as soon as you can to make sure you do not miss out.

How do I reclaim Universal Credit?

• Log into your Universal Credit Journal at www.gov.uk/sign-in-universal-credit and select the ‘Reclaim’ tab. You will find this at the bottom of the screen.

• This will take you to a new screen where you will be asked to answer a few simple questions.

• If you have any problems doing this, contact your work coach or visit your local Jobcentre Plus.

Who can I contact for further advice? You can get help and advice about Universal Credit from:

• Jobcentre Plus 0800 328 5644

• For independent help and advice, call Advice First on 01475 715299 or email triage.advice@inverclyde.gov.uk

You can find out more about Universal Credit at www.gov.uk/universal-credit