Inverclyde Labour select Unison Steward

UNISON has always given its members the choice of opting in to its affiliated political fund, that gives them a say in the democratic processes of the Labour Party, or of opting in to the General Political Fund, independent of any political party. For those members that choose to opt into the affiliated political fund the following will be of interest.

Inverclyde Labour has selected Unison Labour Link Officer Francesca Brennan as the prospective Labour candidate for the Greenock & Inverclyde constituency at the next Scottish Parliament elections.

The Branch endorsed Francesca in her selection campaign and are delighted that she was successfully selected at the recent Labour Party selection meeting.

Any members who would like to find out more about the Unison Labour Link or Francesca’s campaign please contact Francesca at the Branch Office on 01475 715900 or on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter : @francescalabour

Facebook : Francesca Brennan for Greenock & Inverclyde