Unison Scotland, Be Reasonable Campaign

UNISON Scotland’s Disabled Members’ Committee has launched its new campaign which aims to challenge attitudes to disabled people in the workplace. The Be Reasonable campaign highlights the need for employers to adjust their thinking when it comes to reasonable adjustments for disabled workers. Alison Mitchell, UNISON’s Disabled Members Committee, said: “UNISON is in a position to influence employers both nationally and locally, to affect policy and to affect attitudes to diminishing health (including disability) among decision makers, managers, staff, and members.

“Some of that will involve challenging and influencing deep-rooted attitudes. “Some of our members don’t have a platform and are unable to articulate themselves and look to us. Our members have different experiences, experience different levels of ill health or disability, and have differing confidence to stand up, to be seen, and to be listened to. “Disabled workers want fairness not favours, and the Be Reasonable campaign aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding disabled workers. “Through UNISON we can influence employers, affect policy and change attitudes. Most importantly, we want to make sure disabled workers have a voice in the workplace.” Branches and activists are encouraged to share the Be Reasonable campaign materials on the website with members through meetings, events, newsletters, websites and social media.

People with disabilities are entitled to reasonable adjustments at work. A reasonable adjustment is anything that helps the person to carry out their normal duties.

Often small things make the biggest difference. A reasonable adjustment can be as simple as changing a harsh light bulb for a soft one. In fact, 70% of reasonable adjustments cost nothing at all.

You can contact the Disabled Members Committee via their Facebook page or by contacting UNISON Scotland equalities officer on 0800 0 857 857.