Coronavirus Update for Inverclyde Council Members

Dear Colleague

Please find below some important links which I would encourage you to spend time reading especially as members in schools and ELCs will be returning to work next week.

Members in other services and those who are partially or entirely office based are also being asked to return to work as part of the council’s recovery plans. For members who are not providing a front line service and who have been working from home then returning to work should be on a rota basis to ensure appropriate physical distancing . It is important that where there is to be a mix of continued home working and coming to work, managers are able to clearly explain the reasons for attending the workplace and why they consider that some work and activities require partial attendance at work. This is not to say that there will not be justifiable reasons for a member being asked to attend work. However we need to ensure that members are not coming to work to undertake tasks that could be just as effectively undertaken at home.

The 1st link will take you to the CoSLA website page which has all of the guidance and associated documents across a range of council services including schools and ELCs. This is effectively a glossary of all the guidance that has been produced over the course of lockdown.

The 2nd & 3rd links take you to the council website page and ICON page with the same information. This provides details of the risk assessments that have been completed across a full range of council services and activities. This includes individual risk assessments for vulnerable and pregnant employees.

The 4th link is particularly relevant for learning support staff and in particular members who work with ASN children and covers spitting and body fluids.


Robin Taggart
Branch Secretary
Unison (Inverclyde Branch)
Old Library
30 Bawhirley Road,
PA15 2BH