Branch highlights Sunflower Charity Lanyard

The Sunflower Charity have produced a special lanyard for people with hidden Disabilities and Illnesses and Branch Health and Safety Officer George Steele (pictured above) explains more below.

“Some TESCO stores are giving the lanyard out to shoppers who request them from customer service desk like the one in the photo attached. Boots, Next, M & S and Morrison’s are also discussing the possibility of getting supplies to customers. Anyone with health issues that prevents them from wearing a mask doesn’t need to produce any documentation regarding their illness or disability.

Anyone who is not wearing a face covering/mask should not be under any scrutiny from shop staff or other shoppers. There should be a poster at the entrance to the shop explaining the purpose of the lanyard therefore no one should be subject to any confrontation, abuse or criticism from other shoppers or members of the public whilst going about their daily business or shopping.”