Don’t miss out on the remaining Christmas Cinema Treat tickets

There are still some tickets remaining for the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon showings of Boxing Day.

We have decided to open these showings again up to all members even if they have already booked tickets previously.

All the information you need for booking your free tickets is below and the online link is here Members Christmas Cinema Treat

When are the showings?

Boxing Day, Saturday evening, 7.30pm, Doors will open at 7pm,

Boxing Day, Sunday afternoon, 2.30pm, Doors will open at 2pm.

How can I book my free tickets?

Please note that tickets are to be ordered online and allocated seats will be booked.

You will be asked to confirm your name, employer, Unison Membership number and a Contact number.

How do I find out my membership number?

It is available through Unison Direct, 08000857857 and on any Unison correspondence that is sent to you through the post.

Extra information :

There is a licensed Bar for the Saturday evening show.

Only Adults will be able to attend the Saturday evening show.


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