Local government unions reject pay offer outright

Local government trade unions have yesterday rejected outright a pay offer from COSLA which would have seen a percentage increase that fell far short of both the trade union claim and the current rates of inflation.

Describing the offer as an insult to their members the trade unions stated that it was so derisory as to warrant an outright rejection and have called on COSLA to seriously consider the strength of feeling expressed in negotiations and comeback with a significant improved offer.

Johanna Baxter, UNISON Scotland’s head of local government, said: “This offer is an insult to these key workers. The lowest paid workers would still not reach a £10 per hour rate of pay under this proposal never mind the £12 per hour called for in our claim. Indeed the offer is, unbelievably, weighted towards those on the highest pay and will further exacerbate the issue of endemic low pay which plagues this sector. It would mean those earning above £40k per annum (12% of the local government workforce) would receive an increase of £800 plus, with some receiving an uplift of £2,000, whilst those on the lowest pay (51% of the local government workforce) would only receive an uplift of £500. How anyone could describe this offer as fair and equitable is beyond us. It is in fact so derisory and insulting to our members’ significant contribution that we are not prepared to waste time consulting them on it.”

Full details are available on the UNISON Scotland website


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