Council Hybrid Working Pilot

Branch Communications Officer Dougie Maclean outlines the Branch position on the new Council Hybrid Working Pilot.

This month has seen the start of the rollout of the 12 month Hybrid Working Pilot across many areas of the Council replacing the Flexitime system that had previously been in operation.

Our understanding is that affected staff will have received confirmation from their Line Managers with regards to the new system and how they will record their worked times.

With this being a new process there will be times where Management will be also be adapting to the changes. However this should not deter members from querying any decisions made that they believe are not within the spirit of the new Scheme.

We would ask that members in the first instance raise any issues with their relevant Line Manager and if they require any further guidance to contact their Workplace Steward or the Branch Office.

As this is an ongoing review process the Branch would also welcome any feedback from Members that we can raise when the system is reviewed at the 3 and 6 monthly review periods.


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