Local Government Pay Update

Branch Secretary Robin Taggart gives an update on the implementation of the Local Government Pay Award for Inverclyde Council members.

1) The new pay rates will be in the next pay on the 9th November. This covers the pay period from the 12th October to the 9th November. This means that the backdating period will be from the 1st April to the 12th October. This is different from what was stated in yesterday’s all members email so apologies for that – my mistake.

2) The council are making every effort to have the backdating paid in the December pay but this hasn’t as yet been confirmed.

3) If any members are in arrears with their council tax payments, the council may decide to offset these arrears against backdated pay. This has been the practice previously and although it is not a practice we agree with it is important to to be aware of this.

4) The council issued guidance yesterday for anyone in receipt of universal credit. If you didn’t receive this guiance and you do receive universal credit payments then can you contact the branch and we can send this to you.

5) As stated in yesterday’s email the additional days annual leave will be recurring and not for a single year. We will be discussing a number of practical issues with the council not least of which will be this year. I expect the effect date for this will be the 1st April. However awarding all affected employees three quarters of one days annual leave for this year does have some obvious practical difficulties. Our position will be that the effect date be moved back to the 1st January.

6) Term-time members receive annual leave in the form of a payment to their salary. We will be discussing with the council whether there is an option for this additional day to be taken as a floating leave day rather than a salary adjustment.

7) SSSC payments will also be recurring and any member who has paid their SSSC fees since the 1st April will require to get these re-imbursed. Again we hope to get an greement on how this will be done and what the arrangements will be moving forward.

Best Wishes

Robin Taggart
Branch Secretary

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