Consultative Ballot still open for Local Government Pay Offer

There is still time for Local government workers to vote on the COSLA pay offer with the consultative ballot open until 26th April 2023 and It is vital that as many members as possible cast their vote.

Members are being advised to reject a new pay offer in the consultative ballot following UNISON Scotland’s local government committee‘s recommendation.

COSLA, the local government employers made a 5 per cent pay offer for all workers from this April, with an additional increase from 1 January 2024.

The additional increase is grade dependent with the lowest paid being offered an additional 2.5 per cent, middle grades being offered an additional 1.5 per cent and the highest paid being offered an additional 1 per cent, from next January.

The offer also proposes a reference group of COSLA, unions and others to support a move towards a £15 minimum rate of pay for the Scottish Local Government workforce. However, it has no detail on how or when this might be delivered.

UNISON Scotland head of local government, Johanna Baxter said: “We will consult our local government members with a recommendation that they reject this offer. It falls short of the rate of inflation, is less than others in the public sector have been offered over the past year, and would in effect be a pay cut.  Whilst the offer contains warm words about reaching a minimum underpinning rate of pay of £15 per hour it contains no detail at all on when or how this would be delivered.

Local Government cannot continue to be the poor relations of the public sector with councils continuously facing unpalatable choices between decent pay and jobs. Last year, the Scottish Government agreed they had a role to play in this, given they are the biggest funder of local government.  We urge COSLA and the Scottish Government to get round the table to discuss this as a matter of urgency.”

Full details are available on the UNISON Scotland website.


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