UNISON Inverclyde School members deliver Strike mandate

A big thank you to our school members in Inverclyde who delivered a massive local mandate and helped deliver the strongest ever UNISON mandate for strike action for an improved pay deal for all local government workers in Scotland.  

Because of your action, UNISON now have a strike mandate in Inverclyde along with 23 other Councils in Scotland.   

While every council ballot in Scotland returned an overwhelming yes to strike vote, trade union laws require a 50% turnout for us to take strike action and thanks to you UNISON Inverclyde smashed through the threshold locally.

What happens next?  

UNISON Scotland’s local government committee meet on Monday, and will announce further industrial action in the coming days. 

UNISON will do all it can to get back around the table with COSLA. We are well aware that you want to be in school working with children – not out on picket lines closing schools.   

But we are in no doubt of the resolve of UNISON members to take strike action for an improved pay deal for all local government workers.  

UNISON is the largest representative body of local government workers by far, and we take our responsibility to ensure that all industrial action is legally compliant very seriously – so you are protected if you are on strike.   

Please look out for updates in all member emails and on our social media pages, your workplace steward and the branch office will be able to answer any questions you may have. 


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