Local Government Pay update

Vote REJECT – digital consultative pay ballot closes 12pm Monday 16 October

UNISON’s local government committee – made up of local government workers from across Scotland – recommends you vote to reject COSLA’s latest pay offer because: 

1. Although there had been progress for some employees, it does not go far enough for the majority.

While we welcome more money on the table, the pay offer still does not go far enough. You are worth more.

2. You cannot vote in favour of a pay offer when you haven’t been provided with the full detail of what it means for you.

UNISON has been asking COSLA to clarify significant parts of their revised pay offer because it is unclear what COSLA are offering members above those earning a full-time equivalent salary of £25,000 (spinal column point 33). Their documentation is not clear about how much you get from April 2023 and January 2024. In short it confuses in-year values with end-of-year increases and quotes different figures on different dates.

It is standard practice for the employer to publish amended pay scales alongside any pay offer. Despite us repeatedly asking, they have refused to do so meaning you do not have the vital information you need to help decide whether the offer is acceptable.

3. The offer remains below the rate of inflation

This means local government workers are again being asked to take a real-terms pay cut which they can ill-afford during a cost of living crises.

4. UNISON’s campaign for an agreed timeframe for implementing a minimum underpinning rate of £15 per hour has not been satisfactorily addressed.

The commitment to deliver a minimum underpinning rate of pay of £15 per hour for the local government workforce remains vague and not within a timescale that we can agree.

5. There no new money to back this offer.

This concerns us that there could be implications for jobs and services.

Where is my ballot?

This is an online consultative ballot being conducted from October 3 till noon on October 16.
You will receive your digital ballot via e-mail if we have an e-mail address for you. It is important that you do not forward that e-mail to anyone else – the link it contains is unique to you.
If you have not received your ballot, please check your junk folder. Ensure we have an up-to-date email address on your membership record by checking on Myunison. If you still do not have a ballot please contact the Branch office for assistance.

Full details are on the UNISON Scotland website.


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