Important message for all UNISON Members

 This is to advise you of two meetings which all members are invited to attend.

 Budget Briefing Meeting: Thursday 12th February, 12.30 Greenock Town Hall

 This meeting is to provide members with an update on current discussions and negotiations regarding the Council’s budget for 2015/17. The scale of the budget shortfall over the next two years is unprecedented and we want members to have an opportunity to discuss this issue and help direct the Branch’s strategy moving forward.

 Branch AGM: Wednesday 25th February, 12.20pm Greenock Town Hall

 Steward Nomination Forms, Officer Nomination Forms and other important information relating to the Annual General Meeting is available here:

AGM 2015 Poster (Print off and put up in your workplace)

AGM for 2015

If your are interested in becoming a steward contact