Local Government Pay – Consultative Pay Ballot

UNISON’s Local Government Committee  have considered the pay offer received from CoSLA. The committee were of the clear view that the offer fell significantly short of our claim such as a 7 % or £1.60  (which ever was the greatest) pay uplift and on that basis have taken the decision to consult members on the offer with a recommendation  to reject. 
A consultation ballot will run from 30th May 2024 and close on 13th June 2024.
A quick reminder, the offer is a straight percentage uplift ( no flat rate element ) and  would cover an 18 month period, 1/4/24 to 30/9/25.
The key points of the offer: 

  • 2.2% from 1/4/24 
  • Further 2% from 1/10/24 
  • The offer would effectively amount to an average  percentage uplift 3.22%, over the period April 2024 to March 2025.
  • Change settlement date to 1st October
  • Agree to develop negotiation protocol 
  • New SJC Pay Year October 2024 – September 2025 
  • The working groups on the roadmap to £15 per hour, reduction in the working week and  professional fees will continue. 
  • It is important that all members participate in the consultative ballot and equally important that you vote to reject this offer
  • Robin Taggart
  • Branch Secretary
  • UNISON (Inverclyde Branch)

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